Resumé - Bill Marder

1946- Won a first prize of $100 in the First Annual National High School Photographic Contest sponsored by Eastman Kodak. His prize-winning photo was published in Popular Photography Magazine in the September1946 issue.

1947- Enlisted in the U. S. Army and served as a photographer with the 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Division, in Japan. As a photographer In Japan he won numerous awards in Army sponsored photo contests.


1948-1956 Bill Marder entered the graphic arts field as a photographer and graphic artist in color separations working for leading Lithographic companies as a Cameraman and Photographer awhile developing new techniques in Color Separations.


1957-1960- Opened his first business, Mar-Color Inc. for in house Color Separations and Photography. His customers were National advertising, cosmetic, and fashion agencies. 
1960 to 1970- Creative Process Inc. During these years in his own business Marder invented numerous techniques related to the color separation field, among which was a process for direct color separations for the newspaper and advertising fields. Bill Marder was also among the first to utilize photography as a method of photographing the advertisers merchandise for producing catalogs and applying standard controls from the beginning to the end of the printing process. 

1970 - Moved to Hollywood Florida to manage Dukane Press (owned by International Silver Company), one of the largest printers with in house photography in the US. Bill Marder worked with the first scanners and computers to devise control methods for photography and color separations. 1978- Opened his own Color Separation and Photographic business, Creative Color in Oakland Park, Florida, which is still in existence. 
1974- 1990s- Bill Marder entered in the collecting field of photography, authoring numerous articles on the history of photography. Most of these books were illustrated with his own photography. 

January, 1977- Organized and Founded the Florida Photographic Society with their publication Photographic Record.
1977- Founded and organized the first of the annual FPC (Florida Photographic Collectors) shows for displaying and selling Antique and Used Camera Equipment. In its 26th Year it is one of the largest in the United States. 

1975- 1980- Set up and operated Antique Costume portrait studios in Kingsport Tennessee and Fort Lauderdale, Florida utilizing techniques that was later published in his book, The History and Technique of a New Diffusion Process. 
1980- Published The History and Technique of a New Diffusion Process, a book that documented a new type of instant paper negative process for instant large size photography. Bill Marder pioneered and developed this method along with taking photographs throughout New England using the large wood cameras from his collection in sizes from 4x5 to 20 x 24. 

1982-Anthony, The Man, The Company, The Cameras, was a 365-page book with over 1000 illustrations and a forward by the noted historian and photographer Beaumont Newhall. It was co-authored with his wife and acclaimed in numerous reviews throughout Europe, Canada and the United states. 

September, 1984 - Choice, The British Journal of Photography, May 17, 1985, and Harvard University Business School, 
Winter,1985 - International Journal, acknowledged the Anthony bookís superb documentation, research and photographs on the History of Photography and of an American business . 

1982-1985- Marders Antique Cameras displayed at the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 

1986 & 1991- William & Estelle Marder published Pioneers of Photography 1982-1996- Authored numerous articles on photography published in History of Photography (Taylor & Francis publication, at Oxford University, England) The Photographic Historian, The Photographic Collector, Photographica, The Daguerreian Annual, The Photographist, Journal of the Western Photographic Collectors Association Affiliated with The University of California Museum of Photography. 

1984 through 1993 Bill Marder & his lovely wife Estelle traveled throughout the United States and Canada, lecturing on the history of photography. 
June 3, 1984- Award for Lecture at Photohistorical Society of New England. May, 1984- Society of Photographic Engineers at University of California, Riverside 

May 2, 1985- Lecture at The Salisbury Historical Society in Salisbury, Massachusetts. 

July, 18, 1985- Lecture at The Photographic Historical Society in Rochester, New York. 

July, 20, 1985- Lecture at Vancouver Photographic association in Vancouver , B. C. Canada 

August 2, 1985 - Lecture at the Bay area Photographic Association, in San Francisco, California.

August 19, 1985- Lecture at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, at The University of Texas at Austin. 

August 17, 1985- Lecture at The National Stereoscopic Association annual 1985 convention at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. 

February, 24, 1985- Banquet Speaker at Club Daguerre & Darrah & Vintage Camera club of Wichita, Kansas. 

1990- Display of Marder's Antique cameras at The Museum of Modern Art, New York City in the exhibition Photography Until Now. 

October, 16, 1993- Lecture at International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House, Rochester, New York. 

1997- After 5 Years of travel and research wrote and copyrighted a 200 page documented book on American Indian Beliefs & Accomplishments.

1995-1999 - With the entrance of the first digital camera, Bill Marder was among one of the first to own, learn and develop techniques for use with his Mac computer. At the present time in the year 2000, Bill Marder is into his fourth digital a Nikon, utilizing a Mac computer, Epson printer and now mixes his own archival inks. He is able to create original photographs on canvas or other art papers. Marderís works are featured in galleries in Ocala and Gainesville Florida and has received numerous acclaims for his technique and mastery of digital photography. Bill Marder has traveled throughout the world taking original photographs with his digital camera and has lectured to numerous organizations on the techniques of digital photography. 

1998-2001 - Bill Marder's Digital Photographic work well has been exhibited at the Appleton Art Museum, Ocala Civic Theater, Brick City center of the arts in Ocala, Florida and at the Pen & Brush Gallery at 16 East 10th St,. N. Y. C. Marder's work is also sold at galleries in Ocala at All That Art & Antiques & Art on 10th Street, in Gainesville Florida at Antique and Art Gallery, 201 SE 2nd Ave. Suite #113 and Port Jefferson N. Y. at Printers Art Gallery.